My Instagram Overhaul!

Instagram Overhaul: How I 25x my profile visits and gained 28% more followers in two weeks

I did something revolutionary. I went where few freelancers have gone before. 

Are you ready?
You’re not ready. 

I worked on my own brand! Specifically, I updated my own Instagram profile.

I know, right?! I should get a medal or something. 

Even though I have client work on the books, I decided to spend a little time on my business and give my social media the overhaul it needed. Even better? It’s totally paying off! I have over 26% more profile visits and 28% more followers than when I started this process two weeks ago! Here’s where I focused my attention: 

  • Profile picture—more reflective of my personality

  • Bio—more impact related to the business side of things (without losing the personality)

  • Highlight covers (updated my brand colors and reflected those here along with using my primary brand font. This is key, but I cheated a little before since my time was severely limited)

  • Feed Audit:

    • Recent posts (general vibe)

    • Deleted posts that weren’t serving me or weren’t in keeping with the feel of my brand

Here is a side-by-side before and after of my Instagram account.

Old Instagram Profile Screenshot From Out West
New Instagram Profile Screenshot From Out West

As a reminder, there were about two weeks between these two screen captures, and they show the same amount of posts because I deleted several from my feed after the first screenshot was taken. These were the posts that weren't serving me—either posted in desperation of getting something published or not planned well enough to reflect my branding on the feed (while I was working 12 hours/day before I left my day job to freelance full-time).

Here’s a peek at what the feed looked like before I removed those posts compared to how it looks now (keep in mind that some of those posts are still up—the goal was just to trim the branches that stuck out):

Old Instagram Profile Feed Screenshot From Out West
New Instagram Profile Feed Screenshot From Out West

This is the most together I’ve felt in a long time. Look how cohesive that feed on the right is! Strangers will never know about the piles of laundry in my bedroom!

For the record, the piles are clean (except one). I’m great at doing laundry but terrible at putting it away.

Moving along…

Color cohesion is the most obvious change, but this may not be as important to you or even necessary for the purpose of your feed. For me, however, this was paramount. I want people to feel a certain way when they come across my feed, and color is one of those triggers.

The last note is about what you don’t see (hello, engagement—my old friend). Taking a little time each day to interact with others on this platform is something I incorporated over the past two weeks. The jury is still out on how the relationships will develop and what this will look like long-term, but for now the numbers speak for themselves.

Where have you seen results on Instagram? What are your challenges? I’d love to know. I’m certainly not an expert, but we’re on this crazy journey together. Go ahead and leave a comment below, or click here to send me a message! You can check out my Instagram account here.

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